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This page proves Jaemin's other abilities. It includes digital rendering, storyboards, 3D programming, and his Songs.

New Arirang

New Arirang mixed the sorrow and hope of Koreans while they were getting through colonization in early 1900.  This particular band created New Arirang with electronic music and used Arirang’s traditional melody. My inspiration for the song is the feeling of Spring. The Spring represents a new life. In the spring season, we are seeing blossoms and animals running around briskly after the long and long winter has passed. 

All intelligent lights used were imported and used by importing GDTF files as well as lighting instrument devices in the Vectorworks. At the end of all drafting, the ground plan was exported to the MVR file and the MVR file was imported from the GrandMA3 OnPc version to design the cues.

Vectorworks Spotlight leads to success for the entertainment business in lighting design. I have been using VW to produce plots and paperwork as well as now creating 3D virtual worlds! 

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